No 19 Tea Brick

ripe (shou)

pu-erh tea

Puerh Tea Brick No19 Premium Ripe Pu-erh Tea (3.6 ounce)


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Blend of big leaves: mostly 5th and 7th grades.

Tea leaf orign: Xishuang Banna

Processed in Menghai county (Xishuang Banna, Yunnan, China)

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Menghai ripe Yunnan Chinese Pu-erh tea (Té negro chino Pu-erh, 中国云南普洱茶) pressed in square bricks by Jinglong Tea Factory. Coupage of 1-st grade Puerh tea 1-year aged Menghai Ripe large loose leaves (Imperial or Palace Puerh Chinese tea).
This Chinese tea is compressed using only natural materials. Compressing process starts from softening Pu-erh tea loose leaves with hot steam and then pressing tightly into the shape of square brick, without using any glue substances